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About Touché Special Events

In a city where gorgeous events are everywhere, we strive to bring you events that blend Washington, DC’s unique and fascinating history, culture and personality with your own individual perspective. You chose the nation’s capital its multicultural style and rich past, so let us help you pair that with your own personal flair. With a background in international history and arts, Touché Special Events, LLC will infuse events with flavor and charm through global cuisine, creative décor, and details that are distinctly you. Specializing in weddings and other life moments, we help you celebrate your unforgettable day without worry and guide you through the entire process. Our mission is to not only give you the day you dreamed of, but an event that always hits the mark!

About Me

When I was a little kid, I always dreamed that I would develop a super power. Now, as an adult, I realize I did gain a special skill. My name is Joanna Klatzman Higgison and I can organize anything! Whether faced with an unruly bridal party, a gaggle of vendors, or a pile of supplies, I am here to help. As a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) with over ten years of event planning and hospitality experience in the DC area, I come prepared with the knowledge and skills to make your event planning process smooth and fun. I have created events ranging from embassy open houses and cooking competitions to policy meetings and black tie galas. Of all of these, I have always loved weddings and other personal life events. There is nothing better than bringing the people you love and who have supported you together for a celebration of a new adventure.

Outside of my event planning, I am co-coach of the George Washington University Fencing Club (thus the Touché) and the proud mama of a whole house of fur babies. 

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