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Jo was phenomenal in pulling off our destination wedding.  We had no idea how to put together a wedding, we just had a vague idea of what we wanted to feel on our special day.  Jo took us by the hand and walked us through each step that needed to happen, the options that are available to us, and help keep us within our budget.  Jo thought of everything, from the large details like how to get legally married in another location, to small details like adding pieces of our cultures to personalize the day.  Planning a wedding is guaranteed to have some bumps in the road, but we felt secure and supported with Jo as our navigator.


- Christina & Ramon, April 26, 2019 

Jo goes above and beyond in every step of event planning, from the early research phase all the way to executing the big day itself. She not only brings a wealth of knowledge on everything from vendors and timelines to floorplans, she's also prepared to roll up her sleeves to make a beautiful event come to life. I especially appreciate how she brings both a level head and a feminist perspective to the events she plans. She was all about supporting our fun, no-nonsense vision, without trying to influence us to do any of the "traditions" that we weren't really into. I cannot recommend Jo highly enough - in fact, I've already introduced two friends to her because I hope they'll be lucky enough to get to work with her too.


- Alanna & Daniel, May 18, 2019 

Joanna and her team at Touché Special Events was exactly what we needed on our wedding day and the weeks leading up to the special event. Jo took care of the details that made our wedding feel personal and true to our love! Our wedding was a complex coordination of ceremony and reception in the same location requiring a quick flip and multiple small details that needed to be navigated - and Jo's team did this flawlessly. My family and friends had a great time at the ceremony and reception - and we had the most fun of our lives!! We didn't worry about things going according to plan, because we knew Jo would make it happen. Joanna helped us with details that we hadn't considered in the planning process to make sure that there was an excellent flow to the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. She also made sure that her whole team was on the same page. When it poured rain and my dress was a mess, she had shout wipes ready at my return and made sure that I looked my best for the rest of the night. I wouldn't have chosen anyone else and am so glad that I had her to stand beside, in front of, behind, and with on the wedding day (she's everywhere!)


- Alison and Mike, August 21, 2021 

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