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About Touché Digital Events

The world is constantly changing and we often find that we have change with it. This is why Touché Special Events branched out in 2020 to create Touché Digital Events. Providing the same expertise and decade of event planning experience, Touché Digital Events is your guide for all types of virtual experiences from digital and hybrid conferences, to online networking and social events, to even the trendy remote wedding. With Certified Meeting Professional and Digital Event Strategist certifications, we are here to provide logistical and tactical support for all of your modern event needs, from new platforms to creative interpretations of traditional events. With Touché Digital Events, we will create the best user experience for your audience and help you adapt to a changing world.  

About Me

When I was a kid, I always dreamed that I would develop a super power. Now, as an adult, I realize I did gain a special skill. My name is Joanna Klatzman Higgison and I can organize anything! Whether faced with an unruly group of stakeholders, a gaggle of vendors, or a brand new technology, I am here to help. As a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and Digital Event Specialist (DES) with over ten years of event planning and hospitality experience in the DC area, I come prepared with the knowledge and skills to make your event planning process smooth and fruitful. I have created events ranging from embassy open houses and cooking competitions to policy meetings and black tie galas and I am diving in head first to the world of digital engagement.

Outside of event planning, I am co-coach of the George Washington University Fencing Club (thus the Touché) and the proud mama of a whole house of fur babies. 

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